Time: How To Manage It, Harness It, And Use It Wisely: LifeWork Episode 2.1

What’s the best way to manage your time to make room for work, creativity, family, friends, and everything else that makes up a full and rich life? “Time” is this week’s theme at LifeWork, and over the next five days Dave and Meagan will be discussing everything from creating an effective morning routine to creating systems that run without you to sharing tools and techniques to increase productivity. In episode 2.1 we take a look at some of the concepts and principles that affect the way we view, manage, and use our time.

  • Why increasing amounts of time spent on business produce increasingly less and less results
  • How Dave manages his time among multiple businesses
  • Why systems = time freedom
  • Why you are already a systems-builder
  • How find trustworthy people to delegate to
  • The E-Myth by Michael Gerber
  • Who by Geoff Smart

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