The Best Time-Management And Productivity Tools: LifeWork Episode 2.2

What are the best techniques and tactics to manage your to-do list? Today Dave and Meagan offer tools and tips to help you make the best use of your time, be more productive, and do the things that move your business forward and enrich your life.

Show Notes & Links:

Discussion Points: 

  • Nightly to-do lists (and how to write an effective to-do list)
  • To-do lists, vs. do-later lists, vs to-dream lists
  • The best system is the one you use – experiment, but don’t overthink
  • Mental blocks and out-of-sight-out-of-mind personalities
  • A good time-management system doesn’t have to be fancy – it just has to work


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  1. Let me start by saying I’ve been enjoying this show quite a bit and there is a lot of great things I am able to draw from it. This show in particular, I must admit I felt a bit lost. Time Management is an important thing and especially as a follow up to the passive income topic, I thought the subject followed really well. I was hoping to learn about time management in how it can be utilized to accomplish the 4-hr work week, or using time more efficiently in building a business. I was a bit disappointed that wasn’t really part of the discussion. I was, however, grateful for the helpful suggestions by Mr. Krock for apps and books to assist with time management. Wunderlist was something I had no idea existed and Evernote can be a useful tool. I also felt inspired to look up a Covey-esque app for my phone thanks to David’s reference to 7 Habits. I forgot all about that book. Sorry to say, Meagan’s time-management routine sounded quite excruciating for my brain type. I am glad that was shared because it reminded me that everyone has their own personal quirks and patterns that work for them in their life and how different we all are from each other. What works for one is a nightmare for another. By the end of this episode, my biggest conclusion was that basically there is no go-to blanket answer for time-management. Meagan has her thing, Dave has items he can recommend to check out but it is entirely subject to the individual. I know in my case, a night-before routine or notekeeping app would compromise my rock n roll lifestyle. All in all, not my favorite episode but a good one nonetheless.

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