Early Birds Vs. Night Owls: Does It Matter? Plus, Daily Routines: LifeWork Episode 2.3

Are morning people really more successful than night owls, or is the distinction just a myth? Can night owls “re-train” themselves to have early-bird tendencies? And how can morning and evening routines help you set boundaries around work and play time so you can accomplish your goals? In episode 2.3 of LifeWork, Dave and Meagan discuss routines, their own early bird vs. night owl leanings, and how you can create systems in your life and schedule to make better use of the time you have.

Show Notes & Links:

  • Early Bird or Night Owl?  What’s better?  Who gets the worm?
  • Decision fatigue and why Zuck wears the same t-shirt every day
  • Great start to the day = higher likelihood of a great day
  • Dave & Meagan’s morning routines
  • The subtle power of an evening routine
  • How to set work/life boundaries if you work from home
  • Cognitea that Dave drinks for focus

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