The Relationship-Building Power of Technology: LifeWork Episode 3.3

We hear a lot about the negative aspects of technology and social media, but what about the ways tech can help us build stronger businesses and more fulfilling lives? In episode 3.3 of the LifeWork Podcast, Dave and Meagan discusses the positive impact of technology on business, and how it’s allowed them to create life-changing – and career-changing – connections.

Discussion Notes:

  • Online networking has changed business, community, and the opportunities forever
  • Meagan gives the history of her career as a nationally-published freelance writer, and explains how the fledgling Internet opened doors for her that otherwise might have stayed closed
  • Why relationships can be the single-biggest factor in any business (and how technology can facilitate them)
  • How to use networking and relationship-building authentically
  • The importance of following up (and how to do it well)
  • Focus on building real relationships, not internet one-night stands

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