Scaling Up When You ARE Your Business: LifeWork Episode 4.3

grow your business - LifeWork Podcast 4.3

For service providers and creative entrepreneurs – artists, authors, and online personalities, for example – scaling up can seem impossibly complicated. How do you build a business that’s more than “just you” when you ARE the product? In episode 4.3 of LifeWork, Meagan and Dave discuss the challenges and opportunities of scaling a “personality-based” business by creating a product or brand around it to create more revenue and possibilities, and discuss why any entrepreneur needs to build on the skills he or she brought into the business to continue its growth.

Discussion Points: 

  • Creating a product-based mindset around a personal brand
  • Different models to consider, from Dave Ramsey to Oprah
  • The importance of building a tribe or community that believes in the message and will become its evangelists
  • Dave shares his story of how he acquired skills to scale his business

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