Should You Quit Your Job To Start A Business? LifeWork Episode 5.1

So you’ve got a great business idea, but your current job is eating up all your time and creativity. Should you hand in your notice and make the leap? In episode 5.1 of LifeWork, Meagan and Dave explore this controversial topic, sharing their personal experiences and lessons they’ve learned along the way. Final answer? “It depends.”

Discussion Points:

  • Whether quitting your job will be catastrophic or a positive catalyst can depend a lot on your circumstances and personality.
  • Keeping your spending under control and avoiding “lifestyle creep” as your business grows will free up mental and emotional energy and allow you to make better business decisions instead of reacting out of financial stress
  • Why it’s so important to choose the right opportunities to pursue
  • The value of sweat equity and why you can build a business alongside your “day job”
  • How to create a sense of urgency rather than getting paralyzed by preparation and “maybe one days”
  • Why having a “day job” isn’t risk-free and how building a business can actually mitigate risk

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