What Is A Side Hustle and Do You Need One? (Answer: Yes.) LifeWork Episode 7

When you are focused on building your business, does it make sense to have a “side hustle” – a business or job you pursue on the side that isn’t necessarily tied to your main gig? In episode 7 of LifeWork, Dave and Meagan define the concept of a “side hustle” and discuss how it can actually bring more energy, creativity, and possibility to your main income-generating work – as long as you make sure to keep some boundaries around it.

Discussion Points: 

  • The benefits of a side hustle: a creative outlet that can add energy to your main gig, allows room for passion projects that aren’t (yet) profitable
  • Potential pitfalls of a side hustle: can take time/energy away from more lucrative endeavors, need to set boundaries/limits around it
  • How do you know when it’s time to let a side hustle go, invest more resources in it, hand it off to someone else, or go all the way with it?
  • Strategies for putting boundaries around a side hustle so it doesn’t end up taking up more time and energy than you can allow.

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