Entrepreneurship with Cindy Whitehead: Make Light, Episode 04

Cindy Whitehead is an entrepreneur and women’s health advocate who will blow your mind with her brilliance and business savvy. Join Karen and Cindy for a talk about entrepreneurship, courage, pink clothing, and — it was inevitable — sex. Welcome back to Make Light, friends!

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  1. Are you aware that Whitehead’s last big disaster (Aggyi – women’s viagra) was pushed through the FDA on account of a battle against their supposed sexism when in fact the product was not fit for market or consumption? That the fight was sponsored by her own company, getting many feminist groups involved under the pretence that this was a true women’s issue? Or that she made a profit of 1 billion dollars from the sale of the company to a much larger one who wanted to use it to get itself out of some legal hot water? Whitehead has less interest in women or equality and a lot of interest in money. If you do even a little digging you’ll see her true colors emerge.

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