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Meet Meagan and Sarah. We’ve been working together since 2011 and have yet to take a decent photo together. (But that doesn’t stop us from trying.)

People say we make a great pair, and we like to agree. We both love talking and writing. We both appreciate inappropriate humor, great food, period British dramas, and musical theater.

But we don’t agree on everything. In fact, we’re pretty different.

Sarah’s all about the details. She keeps Meagan grounded, helps turn big ideas into action plans, and does a lot of the i-dotting and t-crossing. She nerds out about technical stuff and social media and can make a bullet-pointed list like nobody’s business. She drinks coffee in the morning and white wine at night and is, for the most part, pop-culturally illiterate.

2015 BEYOND 65

Meagan’s a big picture thinker and big-time dreamer. She reminds Sarah to look up from the details and stay inspired, is always cooking up a new crazy idea, and is a natural-born entrepreneur. She likes to reinvent and question the status quo, and she loves drawing people together both online and in person. Meagan drinks tea in the morning and red wine at night and maintains a freakish mastery of 80s and 90s pop culture references.

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Meagan Francis is a published author, content marketer, and podcast personality. She lives in Southwest Michigan with her five kids (ages 9-20). After a decade of magazine writing and professional blogging, Meagan created the Life, Listened podcast network in 2015 to bring together shows and hosts around the theme of living a life you love. Find out more about Meagan’s work at her website or follow her personal moments on Twitter and Instagram.

We don't always record the podcast in bed, with wine, but when we do, it looks like this.

We don’t always record the podcast in bed, with wine, but when we do, it looks like this.

Sarah Powers is writer, editor and social media manager. She lives in Southern California with her husband and three kids (ages 5, 8, and 10). When she isn’t trying to find a babysitter to cover her podcast recording obligations, Sarah writes essays and articles for national outlets like The Washington Post, Scary Mommy, The Huffington Post and more. Sarah’s writing can be found via Twitter or at her website,, and her daily life plays out on Instagram with obnoxious regularity.

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