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Listener Questions Episodes

The episodes that feature us answering listener questions are a great way to get to know us and hear a lot of parenting topics covered in a short amount of time. Here’s a handy list of all the episodes and the topics covered:

  • Episode 163: Helping a toddler with nighttime fears, taking a baby to the beach, the ideal age-spacing between siblings, and helping a two-year-old feel special when a new baby arrives
  • Episode 162: Helping a shy preschooler, saving money on groceries, and helping kids learn to deal with frustration
  • Episode 149: Setting up toddler playgroups, feeling overwhelmed by housework, and how to handle teachers who don’t see your kid the way you do
  • Episode 135: A toddler who won’t stay in his room at bedtime, a seven-year-old with a fibbing habit, what to do with a busy toddler while you nurse a new baby, and how to help kids who struggle with playing independently
  • Episode 123: When to start giving kids an allowance, whether or not to pay for chores, getting mentally psyched up for baby #2, and dealing with kids’ annoying habits
  • Episode 122: Closely spaced babies, tips on room-sharing, helping siblings get along, and dealing with super-shy toddlers
  • Episode 111: Transitioning a one-year-old to a big-kid bed, frustrating behavior patterns of toddlers and preschoolers, and evenings chaos at home with four kids
  • Episode 110: Requesting teacher changes at school, finding postpartum body acceptance while sticking to a realistic fitness routine, what to do when safety worries interfere with enjoying life as a mom
  • Episode 94: What we wish we’d worried about LESS in hindsight, what we’re doing differently–and the same–than our parents’ generation did, and our thoughts on sending a 7-year-old to sleepaway camp
  • Episode 93: Preschool boys interested in bad-guy play, fighting stereotypes while raising girls, and how to find the balance between self-acceptance and the desire to grow
  • Episode 73: Letting a five-year-old quit an activity she begged to start, helping a trio of cousins get along, and weaning a breastfeeding toddler
  • Episode 65: When a kid’s fears and anxieties dominate the household mood; a sticky situation involving wild kids, a restaurant, and a big family reunion; and a new mom struggles with her decision to co-sleep
  • Episode 52: Asking for help with childcare, what to do when close friends have dramatically different parenting styles, handling kids’ big emotions with elementary school friendship struggles, and how to stop apologizing for yourself and embrace chaos with confidence
  • Episode 41: Room-sharing siblings, planning first birthday parties, feeling left out when you have your kids earlier or later than your friends do, and the evolution of playdates


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