More Than Mom: Guilty Pleasures

You’re home alone on a rainy Saturday afternoon and that movie comes on that you just HAVE to watch. What is it? In this More Than Mom episode Meagan and Sarah confess the books, movies, songs, and TV that maybe don’t get points for artsy intellectualism, but that we just can’t resist. Much pop culture banter ensues… Join us!

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  1. Hi, I just finished listening to this More Than Mom: Guilty Pleasures episode and it was one of my favorites! I have to admit you almost lost me as a listener when you proclaimed your dislike for grunge and Nirvana and Pearl Jam. However, I changed my mind when you loved the Dixie Chicks, Beaches, Steel Magnolias, Something’s Gotta Give (Diane Keaton) and It’s Complicated (Meryl Streep). Little Women is my favorite of all time so I am totally on board with a Christmas watchfest and podcast following. Yes, yes yes!
    P.S. I love your show and would never really stop listening.

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