More Than Mom: Podcasts!

Meagan and Sarah talk about what podcasts WE listen to in this week’s More Than Mom episode! After a dry spell of discovering new audio shows, we each have a few new favorites–and they’re outside of the motherhood/parenting sphere. We’ll tell you what podcasts they are, who we’d recommend listen to them, and where to start for maximum enjoyment. Join us!

Call For Listener Questions!

We’re prepping our next Listener Questions episodes, and we’d love to hear your submissions. Record yourself using your phone’s voice memo app and email the file to, or use Voxer or Speakpipe to send us a voicemail. For the best chance at hearing your question answered on the show, check first to see if we’ve covered it, keep it advice-oriented/specific, and be sure to give enough detail that we can weigh in. Can’t wait to hear your questions!

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Meagan’s Podcast Picks:

Sarah’s Podcast Picks:

Other podcasts we love (but may not have had time to mention):

More awesome podcasts for moms that you might like if you listen to our show:

We did not spend a lot of time discussing podcasts that are similar to ours because we’ve talked about them before, and they’re relatively easy to discover if you’re already into fun/encouraging parenting content. If you haven’t checked them out already, we highly recommend these, many of which are hosted by our good friends and colleagues in the industry:

Don’t forget to leave reviews for your favorite podcasts! Here’s a guide on how to leave an iTunes review on both desktop and mobile.


  1. Sarah, you have a great idea for a podcast! A “feeding families” podcast would be awesome – I’d listen! I do suggest the Bon Appetit Foodcast because they talk more about food and recipes and average mealtimes than other food podcasts I listen to (Mill Street, Splendid Table).
    I’m still dreaming of The Style Hour returning…

  2. The Meal Makeover Moms used to be a “feeding families podcast” with different topics each week with recipes and ingredients spotlighted and sometimes interviews with cookbook authors or other food related professions. I loved it and learned so much. Maybe the archives are still around! It was hosted by two nutritionists and one went on to have her own show but I have yet to listen! Her name is Liz Weiss.

  3. The GP x SJP podcast is amazing so far. I am loving every bit of it! Thanks for the suggestions!

  4. Deadly manners is a great theater podcast. Kristen Bell is the lead actor.

  5. I tried to listen to Dax Shepherd’s show (armchair expert) but I found him annoying and rude at times, especially when he was interrupting his wife during her interview. Couldn’t listen anymore. One true crime show (sorry Meagan) I listen to is Moms and Murder. Two moms go over a different crime every episode, discussing the details and the outcomes. At the end they discuss one fun question (“what would your superpower be if you could choose). I like that they end the show on a fun note so aren’t left with potential nightmares.

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