Asha Dornfest of Parent Hacks: The Mom Hour BONUS Interview 01

Parenting is hard enough – even when you’ve studied up on expert tips and have your diaper bag stocked and organized. But sometimes our most genius moments as moms and dads happen when we’re caught off guard – when we don’t have a clear-cut answer and have to rely on in-the-moment instinct and commonsense intuition.

That’s what Sarah discusses with author Asha Dornfest the first-ever BONUS interview episode of The Mom Hour! Join Sarah and Asha for a great discussion about learning to trust your instincts as parents, what it’s like to curate a community of differing opinions, and how Asha has made the transition from blogging to book writing to podcasting. Enjoy!

Parent Hacks #81

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PS – Let us know how you like this interview format! As Sarah mentioned in the show, we’ll be adding BONUS interviews in about once a month going forward – and not at the expense of our usual weekly show.

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