Motherhood, Politics & Nuance with Sarah Stewart Holland: The Mom Hour BONUS Interview 06

If you shy away from political discussions to avoid ruffling feathers, you’re not alone. But after listening to Sarah’s interview with writer, podcaster, and mom of three Sarah Stewart Holland, you might have a different perspective on those heated political Facebook comment threads.

Join Sarah and Sarah in this special bonus episode for a thoughtful discussion about political nuance, opening a dialogue with people of different beliefs, and why political discourse and public office matter so much to this Kentucky mom.

Links we mentioned (or should have) in Bonus Interview 07:

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  1. Great episode and food for thought. I certainly not a “political” person and I struggle to stay informed w/o just being turned off by the whole scene. I know politics are something I should and need to be informed about and I enjoyed hearing someone speak with informed opinions while still being open to the opinions of others. She spoke in such a positive encouraging way. I am off to check out her podcast and all the other links now 🙂

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