It’s All Gonna Be OK (And Other Truths Moms Need To Hear): The Mom Hour, Episode 100

Sometimes the words we need to hear most are the simplest, the most obvious, and even a little cliché: this too shall pass, all kids are different, there is no one right way. In a very special (at one point even teary!) Episode 100 of The Mom Hour, Meagan and Sarah offer some of their most oft-repeated pieces of advice and encouragement–because no matter where you are in your parenting journey, these are things moms need to hear again and again.

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  1. Such great reminders especially that we as moms are not alone; that some other mom is having a hard time with her 7yr old (hand raised). This can be so hard to remember because motherhood can be very isolating and because in our instagram world life can look so perfect. Thanks for all your encouragement and truths!

  2. I am sitting at my computer uploading pictures to Google and feeling SO guilty that I have hundreds…maybe thousands?…of pictures of my first when he was a newborn and not nearly enough of our sweet new girl. The piece Sarah read about savoring the moments and focusing on them brought me to tears. Yes, this is totally a gift to newer moms. Thanks for all you two do. XOXO

  3. The link for the password protected 100 favorite things, isn’t working for me. I put in the password both all lowercase and all caps. Any tips?

    • Kristen, that’s so weird. We promise it is working for others (and for us). FAVE100THINGS, right? Have you tried a different browser, just for kicks? Let me know and I promise I’ll get you in there. -S

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