Awesome Things Our Kids Are Doing: The Mom Hour, Episode 103

We talk about raising kids on this show all the time, but we don’t always spend time talking about OUR kids specifically. In Episode 103 Meagan and Sarah discuss why it’s sometimes hard to talk about your kids without sounding like you’re bragging, especially as they get older. We then take turns sharing a few awesome things all of our (eight!) kids are up to lately. Join us!

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  1. I LOVED this episode!!! I know that there are some parents who constantly brag about their kids and that can be annoying but I think it is a great thing to have others in your life you can brag about. I have a group of fabulous friends that our own ages range from almost 50-under 30. We all have kids spanning several ages from married kids to a 2 month old. We make it a point when we get together to ask about each other’s kids. We want to know the successes and concerns. It is a great way to not only give us a chance to be proud of our kids but also to be supported when we need it, have a cheering section in our parenting corner, and it actually gives each other’s kids more adults that know of their wonderful qualities and potentials. I think it builds strong communities and positive reinforcement for our families. Meagan- your son’s Yoyoing was such a reminder of my own son and his juggling! He didn’t stay with juggling long but moved to drums(not sure that was better) but now in college he has received many scholarships, played in symphonies, held workshops, written and performed his own music. The quality of determination pays off…might be loud but it pays off.

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