Stay At Home, Work Full-Time, Or Something In Between? The Mom Hour, Episode 105

Are you totally satisfied with your work/mom balance? Turns out, a lot of you are. But when we asked listeners to weigh in on this question, two-thirds said they either wished they could be home more (or work in a more flexible way) OR that they were home but wished they could find some fulfillment or income outside the home.

Episode 105 is about finding satisfaction in your situation, whatever it is, and also how to take baby steps toward a different one if it feels like it’s time. We cover staying at home full-time, working outside the home, freelancing and part-time work, and everything in between. And, as always, we’re here to tell you that no matter what your choice and how you feel about it, it’s totally okay.

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Prepping for an episode and would love your input. Which best describes you? Thanks, friends!

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  1. Every time I think I’ve heard the “best” episode you guys have put out, you surprise me with another one that blows me away! I was so encouraged by this episode I just had to let you guys know. I was honestly a little nervous to hit play on this one because, while I’m currently content in my role as a stay at home mom, I thought there was a possibility that after listening I might feel guilty or like I should be doing something extra on the side. SHAME on me for not knowing you guys better than that. What I actually feel is SO encouraged and empowered in my current role and INSPIRED for the future and with the ideas of things I may want to take on when the time is right.

    I’m going on year 4 of being at home, and about a year ago I opened an Etsy shop (both as a creative outlet and something that could possibly bring in a few extra dollars) but recently put it on an indefinite hold because I got overwhelmed feeling like I couldn’t keep up and I was really bad at juggling. Probably because I tried to open it while I was pregnant and then keep it going with a newborn (why?). I sometimes think about it and feel like I failed or that I’ll never be able to open it again and actually do it well and follow through with the dreams I originally had for it. BUT with this episode you two really helped me both feel content in NOT needing to have anything aside from my role as Mommy but also feel excited about a future season where maybe I’ll have more time to develop those ideas and it’s okay if it takes a long time to get anywhere and it’s okay if that time isn’t now. Okay, longest comment ever. To sum up my thoughts, THANK YOU for your awesome insight. I’m constantly impressed with you both and I can’t get enough of this podcast!

    • Avery, this comment MADE MY DAY. Thank you so much for taking the time to write it. We so appreciate your support of the show.

  2. This episode is right on time! 12 weeks after I had my son, I returned to my full time job and I hated it. The pay was excellent but my mental health couldn’t handle it. I quit 5 months later and stayed home for 4 months. I’ve been working part time for the last two months and it’s working out for now. I hope to return to full time work but I’m trying to go with the flow.

  3. You guys hit the nail on the head for me. I’m a SAHM and have always felt the pressure to be a Boss Mom or that any steps I take towards a dream has to be followed by income or in the pursuit of income. So much so that I’m left feeling frozen in place. Thanks so much for touching on this. This is the first time I’ve heard anyone mention this hidden pressure. I actually teared up realizing that was where I’m at.

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