Smart Tech & Family Travel: The Mom Hour, Episode 106

Going off the grid for vacation sounds great in theory, but most of us rely on technology to make family travel possible. From iPad-enabled airplane rides to road trip playlists for the whole family, both Sarah and Meagan see tech as a great enhancement to vacation parenting in the digital age.

In Episode 106 we talk all things tech and travel, from how we keep devices charged and organized to how we manage screen time while on vacation. We’ve got tons of product recommendations and little hacks to make your next vacation easier and more fun–no matter how plugged-in you are. Join us!

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Sarah needs a way to get vacation photos off one device onto another, and Meagan has an old computer with some priceless old videos on it. Our new favorite solution? Picture Keeper Connect! Easy device backup in a sweet, simple package: simply download the free app, plug the drive into your device, and launch the app!

With Picture Keeper Connect, you’re able to view, select, backup and delete single items or entire albums with just the touch of a button. Flash drive and adapter work for Android or iOS devices as well as computers, and make organizing and backup easy and painless, no matter what gadgets you have.

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Take the hassle out of sharing photos with friends and family at events with Share Your Photos, a FREE app for iOS and Android users. No need to text photos back and forth or search on social media–upload unlimited photos and videos to the event and create an album is there forever for you and your guests.

Products and resources we mentioned in Episode 106

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  1. Epic is one of my favorite apps for vacation. My kids love to read and this enables me to download tons of kids books so we don’t have to take a stack of books with us. You just have to make sure to download the books before you leave so you can read them offline.

  2. So many great ideas in this episode. I’ll be getting the headphones and splitter soon! We also used to travel with our white noise (a fan) and wake up clock, but now there are apps for that 😉 The wake up clock is called “toddler wake up clock.” There are a bunch of white noise apps too! Just saves some space in the suitcase.

  3. Hi Sarah,

    Did Brian have any fav kid’s game app suggestions for you to add to the show notes? Thanks!

  4. did you mention a children’s podcast?? I remember hearing it mentioned and cannot find it anywhere. Not sure if it was this episode or another 🙂 Would you mind helping me find this podcast? I think my children would enjoy listening!
    Also, I am somewhat new to listening to podcasts and love your show as well as your network of shows!! thank you!!!!

    • Hi Lindsay! I’m not sure which ones I mentioned or when, but our current favorites are Wow in the World, Brains On!, But Why?, and Circle Round. Hope this helps!

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