Summer Fashion Trends We Just Don’t Get (And A Few We Like): The More-Than-Mom Hour, Episode 107

Where have all the shoulders gone? Meagan needs to know. Sarah can’t figure out intentionally saggy boobs and is apologetically kind of over slogan tanks that reference coffee, wine, yoga, Jesus, or mascara. Join us for a fun discussion of fashion trends we just can’t get behind–plus a few we’re loving this summer.

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Links we mentioned (or should have!) in Episode 107

Funny story, guys. When we recorded this episode we had ZERO affiliation with Target…we just happened to mention them a thousand times in the show. A few days after recording we were invited to join their affiliate partner program, which means that if you click through and purchase any of the Target items listed here you’ll be supporting The Mom Hour at no additional cost to you. We’re thrilled to partner with Target and think they’re great–and these are all products we would have mentioned anyway! (Also: were they evesdropping?!)

As luck would have it, Sarah has done some shopping since recording this episode. Check out my Target finds below (links are affiliates)!


  1. The New York Times just had this article about “seashell hair.” I like the look, but I’m not willing to go through the process!

  2. I listened to the podcast and then was doing a little shopping and thought of you guys’ shorts preference. Anne Taylor Loft sells shorts with 4″ inseams. Hope that lead is helpful!

  3. When I was pregnant last year, I kept finding bodycon MATERNITY dresses. Nope nope nope. Especially for someone who’s been pregnant before.

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