Your Kids Are Getting Older. Now What? The Mom Hour, Episode 11

What happens when your kids are all in school, or the overwhelmingly in-your-face years of early motherhood are behind you? Have you thought about what kind of creative hobbies you’ll return to, what your career will look like, or what that available time will mean for your “non-mom self”?

In Episode 11 Meagan shares her perspective as a mom on the other side of the trenches (while Sarah asks questions and listens from her place still in them). We talk about the shift that happens when kids get older and need us a little less – how it’s both liberating and also a little sad and scary – and about the obstacles some women face as they navigate these “beyond baby” years.

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  1. Wow! It’s like you read my mind on this topic. I was going to email to ask this question so loved finding this episode. What a great show. All the topics are so real and relevant to everyday moms. Thanks so much.

  2. Love how you talked about the transition from baby years to Beyond can be daunting. I’m right on the edge of Beyond and the “what next” is sometimes overwheling for this sahm. Thanks for sharing!

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