Listener Questions (Vol.7): The Mom Hour, Episode 110

Maryanne asks if we’ve ever requested our kid change teachers at school, Danya hopes to find balance between accepting her postpartum body and sticking to a realistic fitness routine, and Janine shares that her safety worries are keeping her from getting out with her little ones. In Episode 110 of The Mom Hour, Meagan and Sarah tackle these three listener questions–listen to see what we have to say!

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Links we mentioned (or should have) in Episode 110

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  1. Great show! Liked Meagan’s comment about finding an exercise option that you like. I have found this is very important to actually starting, continuing, and actually enjoying exercise. I like exercise to begin with, but with demands on my time it usually is the first I sacrifice. If I enjoy it, it is more difficult to remove it from my schedule.
    Sarah, good point about surrounding yourself with different mom styles. It is sometimes easier to see ourselves better and re-evaluate our thought life and how it affects our life on a daily basis. Also, you are with people and you are less likely to dwell on the what ifs. As Sarah and Megan mentioned some of their mishaps, those around them saw how they handled the situation. We learn from each other- community is important when navigating parenthood.
    Appreciate your input, caring and thoroughness.

  2. Loved the show 🙂
    Wondering if the KIND bar offer will ship to Canada or if it’s a US offer only? I tried to do it online, but for the “State/Province” section, it does not allow you to select a province. Thanks!

    • Hi Renee, I don’t think the sampler box offer is good for Canada :(. I’ve sent an email to KIND to see if there are any other options and I’ll keep you posted. So glad you enjoyed the show!

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