More Listener Questions (Vol.8): The Mom Hour, Episode 111

Samantha wants to start transitioning her one-year-old to a big-kid bed, Jess feels stuck in a pattern of frustrating behavior with her toddler and preschooler, and Tessa shares that her evenings at home with four kids are not the enjoyable family togetherness time that she wants them to be. In Episode 111 of The Mom Hour, Meagan and Sarah tackle three more listener questions–listen to see what we have to say!

Keep listening to the very end of this episode for a brand-new segment featuring Katie Addiss, mom of two little ones. Katie and Sarah talk potty training–the successes, the struggles, and an awesome discovery!

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Links we mentioned (or should have) in Episode 110


  1. Just wanted to throw in that if it’s in your budget (both space & moola) consider a full size bed for a first bed. It allows you to lay next to your child easily when they need that extra cuddle time, instead of having to squish into a toddler bed or take them into your bed. If you have any issues you can always add that rail Sarah mentioned!

  2. Interesting listening to embaressment about naming genital body parts! In Sweden where I live there is a word for male genitals that is relatively sexually unloaded, called “snopp”. It’s commonly used especially in association with children. However there wasn’t one for female genitals that young girls felt comfortable using about themselves. All available words were either too clinical, directly associated with invectives or equally embarassing nonsense words. So some 10 years back a national sex ed organisation actually created a female version of the word, and called it “snippa”. Perfectly logical and it has actually become the established term. I use it when talking to my daughter, aged 4, and it’s the word most commonly used by other children as well as offical institutions. So there is a potential to invent new words when needed!

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