How To Survive (And Even Enjoy) Playing Board Games With Kids: The Mom Hour, Episode 112

If one more game of Candy Land or Monopoly threatens to send you over sanity’s edge, this is the podcast episode for you. In Episode 112 of The Mom Hour, Meagan and Sarah offer practical tips for making game play as a family tolerable–and even fun.

We talk about including little players who can’t quite keep up, modifying games to minimize hurt feelings, and how to help kids win and lose gracefully as they grow. Plus we share our favorite family games and tips for storing and organizing board games in your home. Join us!

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  1. We love Sleeping Queens by Gamewright. We modify the rules and don’t include the math addition component when playing with little kids; we do discard multiples.

    We also enjoy cooperative games. They are great for playing with little kids because you’re encouraged to help each other make decisions and you are playing against the game not each other. Hot Owl Hoot! and Race to the Treasure! (Peaceable Kingdoms) are popular with our five year old. I’m looking forward to introducing Pandemic and Forbidden Island.

  2. My kids 7 and 5 love rat-a-tat cat, Zeus on the Loose, and Hiss all by Gamewright. I do have to say that we also love Monoply Jr. and Scrabble Jr. Monoply Jr. plays much quicker than regular Monoply and is easy enough for young ones. I like Scrabble Jr. because one side of the board has the words spelled out (good for my 5yr old who is learning letters but can’t read) and the other side is the regular board (good for my 7yr who can read).

  3. Hi! Just discovered your podcast thanks to Katie A. and love it. Was wondering if you could share the link to the card holder product you mentioned in this episode. Thank yo!

  4. Hi, I was just looking up your list of recommended games after listening to this week’s great episode, and it looks like the list of games here has been removed. If this is the case, would you mind re-posting the links? Thank you for a wonderful show!

    • Hi Kathleen! They’re here in the show notes post, but they’re all image links from Amazon. I wonder if you’re not able to view them for some reason? Are you on a computer or mobile?

      • Hi Sarah, I tried a different browser (IE instead of Chrome) and the image links appeared there – how strange! Thank you for the tip!

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