How To Be A Happier Sports Parent: The Mom Hour, Episode 117

Sports and activities should add fun and fulfillment to your family culture–not suck the life out of it. And yet, between keeping wiggly babies occupied in the gymnastics waiting area and driving all over town for team sports commitments, it’s easy to feel like there’s a high cost to all that “fun”.

Meagan and Sarah offer concrete tips for being a happier sports parent as we head into this new school year. From opting out of mommy-and-me classes to letting older kids dabble instead of specialize, we’re here to remind you that your happiness matters (and that your kid is probably not a future Olympian).

PLUS, listen all the way to the end for a fun segment featuring Sarah and Katie Addiss. Enjoy!

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  1. Ouch, I’ve been that mom hovering at a lesson before. I still have a hard time relaxing and not intervening when I think my boys are not behaving or listening, but the more lessons/sports we’ve been involved in, I’ve learned to let the teacher/coach handle things. It’s really hard for me. It’s better for me to leave altogether. I guess I feel responsible for their behavior or being seen as a “good” mom. Probably comes from my anxiety and being judged for my kids’ behavior in the past.

    • Oh, Becky, I totally get it. It does just take time to learn to step back. I struggle with this not with sports/activities, but definitely in other areas. You’re doing awesome. -S

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