Sitters & Caregivers, Part 1: The Mom Hour, Episode 119

We’ve learned a lot from our own mistakes over the years about finding, hiring, and building relationships with non-family caregivers. In Episodes 119 and 120 we’ll go on a deep dive into this topic, starting with general tips today for finding great sitters and making sure your childcare needs are covered–even if you’re the primary parent at home.

Next week we’ll get into the details of the parent-caregiver relationship–everything from how much we pay to how to communicate expectations. Check back for that episode on 9/19!

PLUS Katie is back to talk with Sarah about a struggle, a success and a discovery in her life as a mom of two little ones. Join us!

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Links we mentioned (or should have!) in Episode 119

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  1. For Katie’s problem, what worked for us was turning off the front passenger airbag (just a flip of a switch in our European car), and then moving our daughter into the front in her rear-facing car seat. She could see me and I could hold her hand if necessary, and I was a much better driver without a screaming infant.

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