Sitters & Caregivers, Part 2: The Mom Hour, Episode 120

How much do we pay our babysitters? (Yes, we get real about numbers.) Do we expect sitters to do the dishes? (One of us gets super weird about this.) And what’s the best way to get the potentially awkward conversations out of the way and start building great relationships with the people caring for your kids? (Early, often, and as clearly as possible.)

Join Meagan and Sarah for Part 2 in our discussion about sitters and caregivers (Part 1 aired September 12 and you can listen right here).

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  1. The Mom Hour is my favorite podcast, and I didn’t think I could love it any more until you introduced me to Epic! Imagine my delight when I went to check out the free trial and found out that because I’m a teacher in an elementary building, I qualify for a free subscription!, both for my students and my own kids. Thanks for sharing with us!

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