Laid-Back Mom vs. Type A Mom: The Mom Hour, Episode 121

Sarah’s the Type-A, detailed one; Meagan’s the free spirit who’s super laid-back. Right? Or is there more? In Episode 121 we share the ways in which we break type from our typical molds–go figure! we’re not two-dimensional!–and challenge the idea that any one mom is either totally chill or totally stressed. Join us!

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  1. I loved this topic idea! It was super fun to listen to. I definitely found myself somewhere in the middle between both of you so I was relating on all different levels. Although I thought I was alone in that I always leave the house a mess too! Not because it doesn’t bother me (I hate it) but like you said, I just can’t get it together in time. If I tried to have everything picked up before leaving, we would never leave! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. Which episode was personality!

  3. I have now listened to this episode twice and will be reminding myself to go back and to listen to it again. I want to memorize every word of it verbatim to remind myself, that just because I’m a stickler about something and feel the glares and criticism from other parents/grandparents that just because I feel strongly about it and they don’t, doesn’t make me wrong or uptight. I SOOOOOO appreciate you validating this for me, I feel the worlds largest weight off my shoulders. I am a new listener and have been binge listening to all your shows, THANK YOU!! Your Words of advice and stories and experience validate so many things that I felt I was wrong to feel or things that my daughter does that I felt was driving me crazy, are actually very normal. Your shows, words and encouragement are so incredibly appreciated, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

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