Listener Questions (Vol.10): The Mom Hour, Episode 123

When to start giving kids an allowance, paying for chores, getting mentally psyched up for baby #2, and dealing with kids’ annoying habits–these are the parenting challenges and motherhood topics we’re tackling in the latest Listener Questions episode of The Mom Hour. Join us!

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  1. Another great episode! I like the idea of providing the 5 year old with substitutions. Another one that might be good is water with a straw, maybe even put lemon in the water which will add a little more to the sensory experience. The necklaces are good too.

    Also I’m a teacher and have struggled with the same things Katie has. I’m currently on my second (first full year) of leave with my second child who is 10 months. I’ll go back next Sept because I don’t want to lose my job entirely and it will only be one year now of 2 kids in childcare. So hard to make decisions though! It’s true that being a teacher is both a good and bad mom job. I always worry I’ll miss my kids first day of school if it’s the same as mine!

    • Hi Kelly! I’m sure you will enjoy ever minute of your leave — awesome that you are able to do a full year, and yes, I fully understand not wanting to lose your job entirely because reentry does involve lots of hoops and re-interviewing etc. Thanks for listening and chiming in!

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