Routines, Rituals, and Traditions (Part 2): The Mom Hour, Episode 129

Routines help us move through the day as busy moms, so what can we do to instill healthy ones, change up the ones we’ve outgrown, and add meaningful rituals into our family culture? Join Meagan and Sarah as they offer tips for using routines to make your life as a mom easier and more fun–have a listen to Episode 129!

This is a continuation of our conversation from last week, which focused more on traditions, especially in times of change. You can listen to Episode 128 here.

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Modsy is a fun, easy way to see your ideas come to life and get design inspiration for that one wall you just can’t figure out what to do with. Check out Sarah’s dining room renderings below!

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Links we mentioned (or should have!) in Episode 129

Sarah’s Dining Room, Reimagined with!

See more 3D renderings from Modsy’s incredible design team on our Facebook and Instagram pages, and don’t forget to use promo code MOM50 or MOM20 to get 50% (November 24-27) or 20% off your own design package at!

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  1. Loveeee your podcasts and you guys! My “routine” is to run and listen to a podcast every morning before my kids wake up and I always listen to you guys (going back through archives). Great show!

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