Raising Confident, Independent Kids – Safely: The Mom Hour, Episode 13

What does “stranger danger” really mean (and is that the best way to phrase it for our kids)? In Episode 13, Meagan and Sarah talk about giving our kids tools and information to make them safer and more capable as their independence increases.

Episode 13 is the second installment in our two-part series on free-range parenting – if you haven’t listened to Episode 12 yet, you can find it right here (no need to listen in order – the conversation was far from sequential).

Picks of the Week

Every once in a while we share a product or service making our lives easier these days. Sarah talked about Rover.com, a matchmaking service for pet-sitters and those looking for affordable, in-home pet care. Meagan shared the book she’s reading, Life Among the Savages by Shirley Jackson.

Life Among the Savages

Links we discussed in Episode 13

Since we refer back in Episode 13 to several of the resources mentioned in Episode 12, below are those links again for you!

Links we discussed in Episode 12


  1. Loved your discussion about other people’s homes. I am not there yet with my kids, but I think it is really important to consider. In fact, I plan to specifically ask parents whether there are guns in the home (you guys didn’t address this directly, but it is totally what I was thinking). I imagine it is awkward but really, if the other parent doesn’t understand my concern, then I definitely don’t want my kid playing there!

  2. Very interesting and helpful. My 4yo son will say hi to anyone and go up to them, he has no sense of personal boundries. I think it’s great he’s friendly but worry if he’s too friendly but I don’t agree with the idea of “stranger danger” either. I found this discussion very helpful and now have more ideas of how to approach safety concerns while still encouraging independence. Thanks!

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