Slowing Down To Catch Up: The Mom Hour 132

Grab a cup of tea or a glass of wine and settle in for an entire episode of The Mom Hour that’s all about slowing down and catching up. We’ve been moving so fast this fall that we wanted to take time to update listeners on what’s been going on with us personally, some fun additions to our regular podcasting schedule, and more about the growth of the Life, Listened network. Along the way we allow time for digressions on everything from La Croix flavors to stress dreams. Join us!

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  1. Just bought 2 Storyworth subscriptions for my mom and grandma for their Christmas gifts and made sure they knew I heard about it through you! Thank you for picking awesome sponsors to help my Christmas shopping.
    Love listening to you ladies!
    Kat (Stepmom of 1 and 6mo preggo with 1st)
    p.s all I asked for, for Christmas is more episodes about the first year, my fav is “What we shouldn’t have freeked out about, as new moms)

    • Katrina, thank you so much for letting us know you’re trying Storyworth! And thanks, too, for your kind words about the show. Congrats on your pregnancy!

  2. I am totally inspired by the Storyworth idea. I kind of want to do it to capture our family stories, like our children’s stories. I have to check it out. I’ve been hooked on your podcasts since I started listening a couple of months ago. Just love the ‘realness’ you bring to moms, women and life. Thanks so much. Happy holidays.

  3. Hey guys! I’ve been listening for a while now. I love the show. I just signed up for Storyworth as a Christmas gift for my grandma. She can’t see well so she doesn’t type anymore but they have a phone in option. So she calls and records her answer to the question and then they email me the actual voice recording so I get the hear her telling the story. They will transcribe it for the book but I can also download the recording. It’s just really cool. Thanks for the suggestion!

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