Struggles, Successes & Discoveries: The Mom Hour, Episode 133

If you’ve enjoyed Katie’s new mom segments over the past year, you’ll love this week’s episode. We listen to Katie highlight one struggle, one success, and one discovery from her life as a mom of two littles, then Meagan and Sarah weigh in with their thoughts PLUS share struggles, successes and discoveries of our own. Join us!

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  1. I’m a mom of three from Germany and been listening to the mom hour for a year or so. Love it and binge listened to the kitchen hour, too.
    I want to share my discovery about nap transfers (years ago as my youngest is 12 now):
    The trick for me was not to be careful at all. The more carefully you try not to wake the kid, the more certain he was to wake. So I would just pick up the sleeping child, carry him or her upstairs and plop them onto the bed, often while telling them what I was doing. My theory is that when you are very careful not to wake them, they still sense something is happening and wake to control if everything is all right or if they are just snatched from the tribe by a predator. 😉
    I found this because the children would always stay asleep when I didn’t care at all about waking them. 🙂
    It worked for all three. I have managed to undress and put a pyjama on a sleeping toddler or lift a sleeping toddler up to the top bunk bed.

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