Overcoming Mid-Summer Malaise: The Mom Hour, Episode 14

Well, we’ve reached THAT point in the summer. The one where you have no idea what day it is and your kids eat Otter Pops and Nutella-straight-from-the-jar for breakfast (and if you think we’re exaggerating, just WAIT).

In Episode 14, Meagan and Sarah talk all about mid-summer malaise, why the freedom and easy-breeziness of early summer can lead to chaos, and how to gently get yourself – and your kids – back on track.

We also catch up about all kinds of miscellany going on in our lives lately – including the rare chance we got to hang out in person recently!
Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 12.52.26 PM

Links we discussed in Episode 14:

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A big thank you to our sponsor for this episode, kristinshop! Founded by a mom of three and self-professed math geek Kristin Norton, kristinshop sells tools to organize, achieve and inspire. Be sure to browse Kristin’s stock of beautifully designed notebooks, journals, paper products, checklist templates and chore charts – and then check back next week for a special giveaway in Episode 15!


  1. hey meagan,
    this episode sounds great….but there is no play button, and I don’t have an apple device, so I cannot listen. The same problem happens on a few old podcast, can you correct it. Thank you!!!
    i can wait to listen to you again, this is my ”me time” of the week

  2. Looks like it’s fixed. Please let us know if you have any other problems!

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