Busting Dad Stereotypes with Whit Honea: The Mom Hour, Episode 141

The picture of fatherhood we see depicted in pop culture is fraught with stereotypes. From the bumbling dad who can’t fasten snaps on a onesie to the overly intense sports dad who pushes his kid on the ball field, the generalizations often don’t represent the truth and in many cases can be harmful to dads’ efforts to be involved and engaged in their kids’ lives.

In Episode 141 of The Mom Hour Meagan and Sarah chat with writer, blogger, and activist Whit Honea, who helps bust open some stereotypes about dads and instead craft a picture of fatherhood that is inclusive and inspiring.

We also talk about the important work Whit does with the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility (Responsibility.org) and their #TalkEarly campaign focused on encouraging parents to have conversations with kids about responsible consumption from an early age.

This episode is brought to you in partnership with Responsibility.org. All tips, opinions, and stories are thoroughly, authentically our own, as always!

About Our Sponsor

Responsibility.org, is a non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C. that leads the fight in eliminating drunk driving and underage drinking and promoting responsible consumption.

Their #TalkEarly program, which Whit and Meagan have both participated in, is geared toward parents of kids ages 6-9 and covers everything from the conversations parents have with their kids (like why mom may choose to have a glass of wine but it’s unhealthy for kids) to modeling good behavior (like having a conversation in front of your kids about who’s going to be the designated driver).

Find out more about #TalkEarly at Responsibility.org.

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  1. So touched by this podcast mostly because many of our men and dads in our culture and especially those who are mindful of the importance of their role in raising kids, are stepping out and trying hard to be the dad their kids need. Facing age-old stereotypes and busting through them is the work of super heros! They need encouragement and inclusion as they go forward from the Mom/woman side of the equation. Awesome job Sarah and Meaghan for bringing Whit on to Mom Hour

  2. When i listened to this episode I found myself really reflecting on the way I have said things about my husband. The “I have 3 kids” comment I can distinctly remember a time I have said that…more than once. I learned a lot in this podcast and I need to be better about my words and realizing my husbands worth and acknowledging it.

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