Baby Shower Gift Ideas (& My, How Things Have Changed): The Mom Hour, Episode 147

Whether you’re expecting a new baby or love showering friends with thoughtful baby gifts, this episode is for you. Meagan and Sarah enlist the help of some savvy new moms to get the latest product must-haves, plus rely on our own experience and the benefit of hindsight to dissect what’s really essential, what you can probably pass on, and which gifts go the distance. Join us!

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Links we mentioned (or should have) in Episode 147

All the product links are in their own lists below. Special thanks to our own Katie Addiss and the awesome focus group of new moms from Denver and Minneapolis for their contributions and ideas!

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

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Go-to gifts from moms who know what’s up:

Gifts and gadgets we scoffed at until we realized they really ARE that great:

Supposed “essentials” that some of us found over-rated (and others did not!)

  • Teeny tiny newborn-sized dresses for baby girls
  • Impractical shoes for babies who can’t walk
  • Expensive sound machines (that’s what electric fans are for!)
  • Co-sleeper bassinets, or any pricey one-purpose place for baby to sleep
  • Super adorable but not-super-necessary diaper stackers, like this one
  • Dockatot

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  1. Hi ladies! I’m an American living in Sweden. I love your podcast! My daughter is 20 months and the windii saved my life so many times when she was a newborn. I think it actually is a Swedish invention, as are all the nose frida products. It helped when my daughter had to pass gas but also sometimes a bunch of poop would come out too, haha. So watch out! But afterwards my daughter was always so much calmer. Buy a bunch of those!

  2. Hi Ladies. Looooove listening in every week to get my mom-fix!
    I could have sworn on this episode that y’all talked about a great umbrella stroller? I’m not able to find anything in reference to it on your site. Can you link me your recommendation for the umbrella stroller of your liking?

    • Hi Shannon! Meagan did talk about going with a slightly more upscale umbrella stroller after trying a bunch of cheap ones. I think the reason we didn’t link it up is that it’s been almost a decade since that purchase! It was a MacLaren, probably similar to this one (affiliate link):, but we’re a little out of the stroller game these days so I’m sure you’ll find other great ones out there as well. Thanks for commenting!

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