School Projects, Homework, & How Much To Help: The Mom Hour, Episode 148

If the mere thought of a tri-fold science project display board makes you want to run for the hills, we’re right there with you. But we’ve also come to accept that as kids move into upper elementary, middle, and high school, school projects and increased homework demands are par for the course.

Join Meagan and Sarah for a frank discussion about how we find the balance between supporting the work that comes home from school without hovering or helicoptering. We share successes and failures from our own experience, plus offer ideas for navigating homework parenting without going crazy. Enjoy!

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  1. At what age do you start expecting your kids to email their teachers instead of doing it yourself? My kiddo is going into 6th grade next year and I know there are some things that are going to change here soon as we enter this new school season!

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