Chores & Delegation: The Mom Hour, Episode 15

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Congrats to listener Sara, randomly selected as our WINNER in the giveaway to kristinshop! Thanks to all for listening and entering and a big thanks to Kristin Norton for partnering with us!


“Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing is like shoveling the sidewalk before it stops snowing.”

― Phyllis Diller

Or so the saying goes, right? But as much as we’d like to throw our hands in the air sometimes, there are things that have to get done.

In episode 15, Meagan and Sarah get into the details of chores, home management, delegating, and helping kids take on age-appropriate responsibilities.

Links we mentioned in Episode 15:


A big thank you to our sponsor for this episode, kristinshop! Founded by a mom of three and self-professed math geek Kristin Norton, kristinshop sells tools to organize, achieve and inspire.

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  1. Oh I just LOVE listening to you two. I am the mom of 4 littles ranging from 7 months to 6 years. I would use so many different things from kristinshop. I am a huge meal planner so I would love the what to eat note pad. But just about everything that can help me keep lists and stay organized! With 4 young kids I need all the help I can get!
    I find it hard to delegate to my littles because things usually get done faster and the way I want it if I just do it. BUT I do have my kids do the stairs and floor boards. They also have to help organize their rooms/play room.

  2. I LOVE the clean room checklist for my kiddos and I love the meal planner for myself!!

  3. I loved this podcast! I am in the Sarah stage with a 5 year old and 2 year old so they help slightly! can’t wait to have them help me unload the car, but am enjoying this stage too :)!

    For the Kristin Shop, I would love the Keep Calm and Carry on Journal, as well as the Pack This list as well as the XOXO post it notes as well as the 5 days a week calendar :). Everything on the site looks awesome!

  4. I try to be organized but I am still “in the trenches” as a mommy to a (very high spirited) almost 2 year old. So I could use anything and everything to help with that. I would definitely have to snag that cute little owl journal at kristenshop and I also really like various list charts that would help with making my own honey do lists 😉 Thanks for the opportunity ladies!

  5. I just found your podcast and love it so far! I took a look around Kristin’s shop and I really could use the open sesame password book.I started thinking about it and if anything happened to me my husband would be up a creek. He doesn’t know what to pay or how to log on to pay it. I think I need something to put together a cheat sheet for him. ? I also would love the “things I forget to remember” pad because it is so fitting.

  6. Hi ladies! I love your podcast. The two of you make me feel normal! 🙂 With an 8 year old and a 1 year old, I have one foot in the school-age stage and one in the baby stage. Needless to say, life is a bit hectic right now, with one kid teething and the other getting ready for back-to school. Kristinshop has some really cute items. I would totally love to get a chore chart for my 8 year old. He’s a list-maker like his mom :), and I think having something like that would help me keep him on task, especially when I’m dealing with the little one. Thanks for the show!

  7. The “Things I’ll Forget to Remember” and the daily sticky notes pads are calling my name!

    For everyone in the trenches of survival mode hang in there! The turning point for me was when my older son had school for a full day and the younger one started napping consistently. Just having a two hour block of time I could count on helped my sanity, and my household organization, a thousand percent. I got the house in order and experienced a new clarity which allowed me to make some important life decisions. It was incredible.

  8. I LOVE the clean room chart!! I am mom to two boys, ages 7 and 9 and we have tried sooo many chore charts. The one I love best is the simplest—I got it from Life as Mom. It’s called “High Five” and its simply five chores in the am and five at night. All I have to say is, “Have you done your high five?” instead off asking about five individual chores.
    I have also helped the situation immensely by getting rid of (in basement storage) about 3/4 of their toys. There is less to pick up, less stress, less mess, less fighting—it’s wonderful!!
    New to your podcast…and enjoying it!!!

  9. Love your podcast! I love alll the notepad type items. I really like the clean room checklist, I would definitely get that! Thanks!

  10. I love listening to you guys! I’ve made listening to your podcast as part of my wind down routine. 🙂 I’m also so excited about! I’m in love with cute paper products and she has such wonderful things! I love the journals and the chore charts and the lists!

  11. I love the notepads and sticky notes at Kristinshop!

  12. I had the “Keep Calm and have a cupcake” notebook a few years ago. Filled that sucker up. Chores and delegation…ongoing…sort of hard…I think I’m just too tired.

  13. Oh man I adore all kristin’s notepads! I’m a list maker and it makes my heart happy to see all the different ones! Love your podcasts!

  14. I love the Kristinshop products! I am about to take on a new role as a Girl Scout leader for my younger daughter, and I would love any of these products to keep me organized, but especially the adorable pouches and any of the folders and planning memo pads.

    Thank you Meagan and Sarah for wonderful, informative, and fun shows.

  15. The clean room checklist looks so useful!!

  16. As of now, I am loving the menu planning list. I make my own but not nearly as cute! The grandparent memory book is a great ideas too! Thanks for a chance to win and keep up the good work on the podcast!

  17. Loved this podcast, as we are just starting to introduce regular chores with our 7 year old. Kristin’s shop has some really fun stuff and I’d love to have any of the to do lists and stickie notes.

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