Meagan’s Divorce Update (One Year Later): The Mom Hour, Episode 150

Meagan first shared that her marriage had ended last spring and we’ve heard from a lot of listeners that you guys would like an update on how things are going as she adjusts to life as a divorced mom. In Episode 150 Sarah checks in with Meagan on everything from how home life and work life have changed, to things like dating, friendships, parenting, health, and self-care–all of which have evolved over the last year and half.

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  1. Meagan, thank you for the update and sharing. My husband filed for divorce recently but now we are trying to work things out. But I’ve gone through the beginning stage of divorce – I really appreciated your story and honesty. Funny thing is that I’ve gotten pulled over for missing a stop sign days after I was served a divorce paper and the female officer still gave me a ticket even after me bursting into tears and telling her that my husband was divorcing me. She was kind and sweet though :p

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