Feeding A Family (Breakfast & Lunch): The Mom Hour, Episode 151

Meagan and Sarah share what they feed their families for breakfast and lunch (and we’re keeping it VERY real here) in Episode 151 of The Mom Hour. We also take a look back and how we survived the breakfast and lunchtime challenges that come with early motherhood. This episode kicks off our new Feeding A Family series, so look for more episodes soon on dinnertime, sweets and snacks, and more.

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Links we mentioned (or should have) in Episode 151:

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  1. Great episode! I thought it was great that you shared your morning routine with us. It’s always crazy in my house so to hear how other moms operate is a big help.

  2. I would love to read the books an Analey talks about at the end of the episode!! There are several books titled, ‘Behind Closed Doors.’ Can we get the author?

    • Sorry!! Analey is her daughter!! I meant Katie! Katie recommended two books and I would like more details. I am always in search for a good book!

    • Meg, so sorry! Forgot to include the links–they are there in the show notes now. The books are The Last Mrs. Parrish (Liz Constantine) and Behind Closed Doors (B. A. Paris).

  3. Hi! Love listening to your episodes. I actually just finished reading the last mrs. parrish….and I LOVED IT as much as you did. I agree that the first part of the book was a little “ugh, this plot is getting old” and then part 2 took me by surprise and I was hooked! I pretty much love everything off of Reese Witherspoon’s reading club list, which is where I heard about this book.

    • Hi Katie, I’m definitely going to have to check out the rest of Reese’s book club books…the end of Parrish was SO satisfying! Behind Closed Doors totally fills the hole of Mrs. Parrish being over! Happy reading! 😊

  4. Hey Sarah,
    Was this the podcast you mentioned the smoothie straws? Can you please post the link?

    • Hi Caroline! So sorry–sometimes I forget show notes links and I appreciate your patience. Here’s a link to similar ones to mine. I think I bought mine on Zulily but these are very similar: http://a.co/dyWHPVR. I also bought a set of pipe-cleaner style straw brushes. Super useful!

  5. I am about halfway done listening to the episode and you mentioned something about getting an expert to come on and talk about nutrition. Why don’t you ask Kelsey’s (Girl Next Door) husband, Chris??? Seeing as he is a nutrition professor he is just the kind of person you need!

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