Potty Training & Other Bathroom Matters: The Mom Hour, Episode 156

By popular request we’re tackling potty training in Episode 156! But if your kids are well beyond diapers by now, stick around. We extend the conversation to include other bathroom messes and realities that come with raising kids. From privacy to hygiene to showering solo to (gasp!) man-boys who shave, this entire podcast episode takes place in the bathroom. Wash your hands!

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Links we mentioned (or should have!) in Episode 156


  1. Thank you for another excellent episode! I was wondering what the brand was of shower radio was that you mentioned if you would recommend it. Thank you!

  2. Wish I had this episode when my kids were younger. Both my kids were in pull-ups at night until around 5. My pediatrician reassured this was perfectly normal so I tried not to stress but I still felt such a stigma that my kids were still in pull-ups. As always thanks for being reassuring about all stages of motherhood

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