Feeding A Family (Dinner Woes, Part 1): The Mom Hour, Episode 159

No time to cook? Got picky eaters? Hate the “witching hour”? We’re with you. In this episode Meagan and Sarah tackle three common dinner-making obstacles and offer solutions and tips that help us in our own lives and kitchens. We’re not experts; we’re parents who’ve been there, remember?

This episode is the third in our Feeding A Family Series. Catch the Breakfast & Lunch episode here and the Sweets & Snacks episode here. Next week we’ll be back with the continuation of the Dinner Woes!

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Links we mentioned (or should have) in Episode 159:

Queue It Up!

We picked an episode from the archives to listen to when you’re done with this one! It’s How Do I Make Time For It All?, Episode 60 from July of 2016. Click here to play the episode right now!


  1. I usually make enough food for the kids to have the next night so I’m only making one meal. While they are eating a good meal that I don’t have much to do to get ready, I prep our dinner to have when my husband is home.

  2. As far as BBQ-ing, I usually take baby back ribs or spare ribs, put a dry rub rub on them, wrap them in tin foil and then cook them in the oven. Once they’re done, you either immediately take them to the grill (unwrap from the foil first) and cook them for a f couple of minutes on each side, putting bbq on each side as you turn them each time. OR, you wait for them to cool down when you take them out of the oven, put them in the fridge (foil still on) and then reheat them on the grill the next day using the same method. I usually do thatwhen I (attempt) to meal prep on Sundays. It turns out to be a quick meal on Mondays when I know I’ll be busy. Then you just cook some rice or potatoes, steam some veggies (or cook corn in the microwave – big fan of that!) and wa la! You got yourself a nice BBQ meal!

    You can also cook steak in the oven and the char it up on the grill afterwards. That way most of the work is done in the oven (an appliance I’m familiar with) instead of the grill (an appliance I’m not so familiar with!)

    Hope that helps!

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