Feeding A Family (Dinner Woes, Part 1): The Mom Hour, Episode 159

No time to cook? Got picky eaters? Hate the “witching hour”? We’re with you. In this episode Meagan and Sarah tackle three common dinner-making obstacles and offer solutions and tips that help us in our own lives and kitchens. We’re not experts; we’re parents who’ve been there, remember?

This episode is the third in our Feeding A Family Series. Catch the Breakfast & Lunch episode here and the Sweets & Snacks episode here. Next week we’ll be back with the continuation of the Dinner Woes!

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Links we mentioned (or should have) in Episode 159:

Queue It Up!

We picked an episode from the archives to listen to when you’re done with this one! It’s How Do I Make Time For It All?, Episode 60 from July of 2016. Click here to play the episode right now!

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  1. I usually make enough food for the kids to have the next night so I’m only making one meal. While they are eating a good meal that I don’t have much to do to get ready, I prep our dinner to have when my husband is home.

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