Listener Questions (Vol.13): The Mom Hour, Episode 162

Teaching social graces to a shy preschooler, saving money on groceries and household supplies, and helping school-aged kids learn to deal with feelings of frustration. These are three topics brought to us by listeners that Meagan and Sarah tackle on this week’s episode of The Mom Hour. Join us!

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Links we mentioned (or should have!) in Episode 162:

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To submit a question, record yourself and email an audio file to (put “Listener Question” in the subject line so we don’t miss it!). You can also write out your question in an email, OR use to leave us a voicemail. We’re also on Voxer!

Queue It Up!

In our Queue It Up segment we recommended that you check out ALL our Listener Questions episodes. You can find them on this page.


  1. My menu plan strategy:
    Put dinners in the calendar. When I go to plan the week, I just move things from the past into the future. The meals keep rolling forward until I get sick of them, or they go out of season (soups get punted from spring to fall). It’s really really easy to keep doing it, and it takes a lot of stress out of “what’s for dinner”.

    My grocery shopping tip: Shop online. OMG, I shop so much smarter on the internet and just doing pickup than walking through the store. Even if pickup costs a couple bucks, I’m ahead. Plus my time is worth the three bucks to save an hour.

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