Late-Summer Check-In & Managing Seasonal Transitions: The Mom Hour, Episode 168

Sarah has one week left of summer and Meagan has a MONTH. We chat about late-summer malaise, seasonal energy slumps in general, how to (or whether to) get back to healthier habits and routines, and what (if anything) we’re doing to gear up for the impending school year. Join us!

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Links we mentioned (or should have) in Episode 168:

Queue It Up!

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  1. This episode was EXACTLY what I needed to hear this week! With three more weeks of summer combined with two weeks of craziness at work (Not to mention the past five weeks of work which have been total crap) I have hit the wall and am just DONE. Hanging on for the week of vacation I’m taking right before Labor Day.

    Sarah, I also find myself obsessively thinking ahead long before anyone else. This year I decided to embrace it and be fine with acquiring all the school supplies and updating my kids’ wardrobes a full month before school starts. At least I’ve held off planning my Back to School freezer cooking session. That’s up next!

    Thanks ladies!!!!

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