Back-to-School, The Easy Way: The Mom Hour, Episode 17

Do the supply lists and back-to-school clothes shopping expectations overwhelm you? You’re not alone. In this episode, Meagan and Sarah share real-life tips and tricks for minimizing back-to-school stress and enjoying the process of returning to routine.

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  1. Love the podcast! I’ve definitely binged listened in much quicker than several weeks – I think I caught up in less than a week 🙂 I only have an 8 month old so I am very excited to hear your upcoming episodes more geared toward moms of littles!

    • Yay, Liz! Thanks for hanging in there with us as we tackle some more school-aged topics. So happy you’re here! xo

  2. Love the advice about not buying new stuff every year. Three years ago I splurged on LL Bean backpacks for my two boys, now ages 9 and 6, and they’re still going strong. What I would suggest is to be careful about buying backpacks in lighter colors. My younger son choose a light blue and it now looks quite dirty around the edges and straps. According to the care instructions you’re to supposed to machine wash is (although I might chance it after this year) so I’ve scrubbed it down with various soap and stain removers at the end of every school year. Some of the dirt just isn’t coming off. Maybe it would have if I’d been cleaning it more often but who has time for that!

    • Oops, I meant you’re NOT supposed to machine wash!

      • Beth, that’s a great point about light colors. Patterns work well for hiding dirt. You know, I think our Pottery Barn backpack also said not to machine wash and I did it anyway – thinking (as I said on the show) that it would either clean up or fall apart. It looks amazing. Thanks so much for listening/commenting!!

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