Listener Questions! The Mom Hour, Episode 175

Losing your cool and yelling at your kids (how it happens to us ALL, how to prevent it, and how to cope after it happens), dealing with a pinching/biting 19-month-old, and extracting your family from a sticky situation with neighbor friends whose parenting style makes you uncomfortable. These listener questions PLUS a chat with newly-minted mom of two Alison–join us for Episode 175 of The Mom Hour!

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Links we mentioned (or should have) in Episode 175:

Queue It Up

Meagan recommended Episode 113 from August 2017, Defining Your Family’s Food Culture. Go check it out!

Congratulations, Alison!

Listen to Alison’s segments with Sarah in Episodes 170 and 171 to catch up if you’ve missed. Be sure you’re listening to the Crunchy Cocktail Hour podcast to get to know Alison more, and following them on Instagram as well!

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  1. For the question about the toddler who bites: I had a biter and a hitter (my daughter is on the ASD spectrum, so she really had trouble with those behaviors). I tried all of the excellent suggestions in the podcast and they are great suggestions! I also bought the Teeth Are Not for Biting (Board Book) (Best Behavior Series) and Hands Are Not For Hitting (Best Behavior Series). I read them to my daughter daily and they really helped! Also, when she would bite or hit, I would quote the book, “teeth are not for biting, biting hurts” when I re-directed her.

    After a few days, she really started to understand that biting and hitting were not ok. It took time for her to learn control of her behavior, but the books really helped! They have an entire series about all the different anti-social behaviors: kicking, tail pulling, hurting with words, yelling. It worked for us!

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