Helping Kids With Doctor Visits, Shots, and “Appointment Fear”: The Mom Hour, Episode 180

Hiding under the exam table, screaming and flailing, flat-out refusing to open up for the dentist: Our kids have done it all in the name of avoiding the needle or the checkup (or even a haircut!). Listener Rachel suggested this topic, and in Episode 180 we cover appointments of all kinds and how to survive them when your kids are fearful. There’s even an original song performed by one of our kids at the end of the episode. Join us!

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Sarah’s oldest will test for her Taekwondo black belt next spring, and the added cost for the exam and equipment is no small thing. We loved setting her up on the SportCoups app with her own profile and fundraiser so that she can seek support from the grandparents and loved ones who want to help her reach her goal. The app is easy to use and the coupons that donors receive are awesome! Download SportCoups from the iOS App Store or Google Play.

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Links we mentioned (or should have) in Episode 180:

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