Things We Shouldn’t Have Freaked Out About (As New Moms): The Mom Hour, Episode 19

Once upon a time, Meagan and Sarah were new moms. And we worried – a lot. Years later, we look back at some of the things we could have lightened up about just a tad. (Or a lot.)

Episode 19 is for new moms – and anyone who can remember being one. We talk about agonizing over ounces pumped and hours slept (or not slept), and offer a little perspective from where we are now.

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First, though, we caught up about the last few weeks of summer and shared some stories via Instagram! Listen to the episode to hear about Meagan’s fishing trip and Sarah’s secret “edmierer”, and if you’re on IG too, come follow us @meaganfrancis and @powersofmine!

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  1. Great episode! I stressed over so many things with my babies, especially breastfeeding and sleep. Ugh! Even 7 years ago, I felt like I didn’t fall into a certain style of baby-parent, but wow, was that the only topic of conversation: breast vs. bottle, co-sleep vs. crib, etc. And god forbid you bottle-fed and used disposable diapers! Things I stressed over after that point included choosing a pre-school, clothes (organic, no characters, fancy brand names, hand me downs), and potty training. I’d love to hear more real talk about how very different our kids are and (for example) not every kid is going to be potty trained at 18 months. As I’m dealing with an almost 4-year-old boy who just can’t make the jump to 100% underwear. I love that you talk about each kid being their own person and what works is so dependent on their personalities.

    • Carol, potty training was totally on my list and we just ran out of time! We are definitely considering doing a follow up with more toddler-aged themes. Thank you so much for your support and for listening!

  2. I loved this episode! I have a 7 month baby who receives his nutrition through a G-tube so I’ve breast pumped from day one and I stress about it all the time, if I’m pumping enough. Then just two weeks ago we started introducing solids foods orally and like Sarah said I’m doing the one food every 3 days. I also worry about if he’s getting enough sleep, so this episode was perfect and lifted a little weight off me. Thank you!

    • Kamie, I’m so glad this was helpful to you! We are so glad you’re listening and send our best to you and your little guy!

  3. I have a 5 year old and 20 month old.
    I stress about kids sleep, because like you guys said, I need that 2 hours to work at home. Also, I just need a break. Terribly. If my kids aren’t at home at bedtime of 7:00, they are like little gremlins. They need early bedtimes, or it gets ugly fast. Both of them were up two or more times a night until their first birthday, and I stressed over that just because I was so tired and ready to sleep. I think I still have ptsd over that.
    I didn’t stress about pumping and amounts. I’m a nurse and felt comfortable trusting that if they acted satisfied, we were good and that pumping totals don’t equal nursing amounts. It didn’t bother me.
    You asked for reader concerns….. Here’s a question.
    I’d like to hear how you guys handle dinner time. My kids are ravenous in the late afternoon and a toddler doesn’t take well to “it’s almost dinner time, just wait.” It gets chaotic even though I do lots of morning/early afternoon prep. And they have eaten snacks so they aren’t as hungry even at 5:00. Bath is at 6:00, so I can’t push dinner later. I’m just so over the whole thing, but unfortunately we still need to eat.

  4. Sleep and breast feeding were my main worries. Wish I would have relaxed and wasn’t so afraid to supplement with my first. I was more relaxed and able to breast feed my second longer when I supplimented. Oh, and Vitamin D suppliments, that’s what my doctors worried about while I breast fed. Each generation has it’s own. Great show!

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