Routines For A Happy Mom-Life: The Mom Hour, Episode 20

Routines are powerful. When they’re just right, we feel energized and balanced. When they’re a little off, we feel unsettled. And when they completely fall by the wayside, we sometimes need a complete reset to get back on track (looking at you, back-t0-school season).

In Episode 20, Meagan and Sarah share their own quirky morning and evening routines. We talk about getting enough sleep, common advice about routines that doesn’t work for us, and how routines shift over time as kids’ needs and schedules change.

We also share a couple of things making our lives better lately (links below). Enjoy!

Links we mentioned (or should have!) in Episode 20


  1. Love the talk of routines at home! I am struggling especially at the 3-6pm time of day. I lack energy, the kids want attention and I need to make dinner.

    • Oof, yeah, that’s a hard time for us too. That’s usually when I get up and get physical to keep my own energy going – so I tackle leftover dishes etc. that have gathered all day. Whenever possible we get outside during that time, weather permitting. And – of course this is one of those pieces of advice always easier to give than follow – if I do a little bit of dinner prep/planning earlier in the day, then it’s not so daunting during that timeframe. Thanks for commenting, Sheena!

  2. Great topic, thank you for covering. I love glimpses into how other moms structure their lives. It took me a little while into being a stay at home mom to figure out that anchors throughout my week were key to my sanity.

    Am branching out with my La Croix flavors as well 🙂

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