Debunking The Myth Of The “Good School Mom”: The Mom Hour, Episode 21

Showing support for your child’s school and educational experience matters. But does that mean we all have to chaperone field trips and join the PTA? Meagan and Sarah say, rather emphatically, nope.

In Episode 21 we tackle eight myths surrounding what it means to be a “good school mom,” and help debunk those myths for those of you new to the school parenting journey. We also talk about the meaningful ways we have found to volunteer or participate at school, and share some advice from teachers that might surprise you.

Let’s Socialize!

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bento box lunch

Meagan’s husband Jon has MAD bento lunch box skills!

Links we mentioned (or should have!) in Episode 21:


  1. hi, my comment is not related to the episode 21, but i really would like to hear you on another subject. Sibling rivalry! It is a big issue between my two little daugthers, and as an only child, I sometime feel clueless. I also feel that i can’t parent my daughters the same way, and as both of you have more childs than i do, i bet you have some interesting advice
    good day!

  2. sorry for the mistakes that I make….i’m french speaking!

    • Thanks, Anne-Marie! This is a great topic and you’re not the first to suggest it. We will add to our list for sure!

  3. Hi I love this episode especially the part when you mention that you don’t really like looking after other people’s children on class trips etc. I totally get this! I am a stay-at-home and love it, however I am not into other people’s kids. Volunteering for class trips or babysitting other people’s children is something I would prefer not to do. I find that because you are a stay-at-home mum that you area most expected to love doing these things (eg volunteering at kindy), however that is not my bag! I am currently binge-listening to the Mom Hour in New Zealand!

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