Wait, They Want To Eat Every DAY? (Meal Planning & Grocery Shopping): The Mom Hour, Episode 23

Feeding a family can be fun or frustrating, simple or complicated, rewarding or fraught with guilt and resentment. The one thing it will always be? Necessary. If you have a family, they have to eat, and in this episode we talk about how that works – from grocery shopping to meal planning to gaining confidence as a home cook.

This is a big topic, and we’ll be sure to revisit it in a future episode. Share your comments, questions, and challenges below – we’d love to hear from you!

Links we mentioned (or should have!) in Episode 23:


  1. You guys are living in my head, thanks for covering! One of the most surprising things about being an adult is the amount of time needed to spend on life maintenance – shopping for food, cooking, organizing paperwork for taxes, etc.

  2. Loved this episode. It always blows my mind when I hear people in other parts of the country talking about their grocery store options. I live in rural Arkansas and we have Walmart – period. I’ve never even heard of the stores you get to shop in!

  3. Love your podcasts as always. Just a quick note that Aldi and TJ’s are owned by the same parent company, which explains some of their similarities.

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